About Gardeno beach!

Gardenos Vitalades beach located at the south end of Corfu island about 4 miles from kavos and 25 miles from the town center. A unique place of wild nature beauty and crystal waters. A stunning combination of steep mountains and golden sand. An ideal safe environment for friends, couples and families with tourists from around the world and even Greek tourists prefer it for its quality, beauty and tranquility. It offers rooms to let, restaurants and cafes with nice views as well mini market and big parking. On the beach you can find sun beds with umbrellas, wooden pathways, changing rooms and showers. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, with red soft sand in and out of the water which makes it comfortable and enjoyable for swimming and other activities, it stretches out for about two kilometers and is ideal for exploration and discovery of the nearby beaches. Some of them accessible only by boat, there for they preserve their wild beauty, you can find very quiet parts that you can enjoy your privacy and do whatever you wish, meditate, clear your soul and spirit, virgin places, fantastic nature and amazing landscape.

Having Corfu holidays is like spending breathtaking vacations in a paradise. Some parts of this beautiful island in Greece are said to be hidden treasures because they are truly well preserved. Aside from the island’s perfect scenery, another good thing that entices and attracts many tourists from different corners of the globe to visit Corfu is the fact that there are numerous outdoor activities that can be done here. Also, there are different places that you can visit upon having your ultimate getaway here.

Continue browsing and be amazed with what this island has to offer.
If you’re looking at holidays in Kavos, then you’re probably already in the know. Gardeno (Vitalades) , this little gem has remained undiscovered by most. Missed off most tourist itinerates and loved by the locals, Gardeno just about qualifies as a hamlet. This is the place you go if your honestly want to get away from it all. some tavernas. A bar and watersports. Take in the beautiful backdrop of green hills. The gentle splash of canoe paddles, the unfurling of sails in the wind and playful squeals in the shallows are the only sounds you’ll hear. Gardeno is one of the lesser developed areas and natural beauty dominates over the hotels, apartments and private villas. The backdrop is a curtain of olive and cypress trees dropping down to green fields. As soon as you arrive in Gardeno beach and inhale the fresh sea air, a sense of seclusion and isolation will wash over you.

Feeling the powerful energy this unique place provides will make your holidays to remember for ever and will power you up with all the positive energy you need

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